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Posted By :    Beverly Hamailton  (beverlyhamilton36@yahoo.com)
Posted :    7/7/2013
Comments :    I was so impressed with Dr. Pope and his staff when my little Boston terrier got bitten by a copperhead. Dr. Pope saw her as soon as we arrived and took excellent care of her. She, Roxie, is back home and her old normal self. I have another Boston and 2 cats who will be his patients too.
Posted By :    Dr. Kris Kane
Posted :    4/19/2013
Comments :    I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Pope in Jacksonville, and he is a wonderful veterinarian! I would trust him completely with my own pets.
Posted By :    Janet Lucas
Posted :    11/25/2012
Comments :    continued from below.... My sister's dog Buddy (black Lab) had many problems due to old age (16+ years.) He had a rare skin condition and had to receive medicated baths quite frequently as well as cancer treatment for many years. Dr. Pope gave Buddy the best care and my sister trusted him so much that she wanted Dr. Pope to tell her when it was time to put Buddy to sleep. Buddy was more then a pet....he was part of our family and lived a long life under Dr. Pope's care. Dr. Pope had even sent a card after Buddy's passing. I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Pope and highly recommend!
Posted By :    Janet Lucas
Posted :    11/25/2012
Comments :    Our beloved dogs Joey and Chandler became sick within a week of each other. Joey had a cervical injury from falling off the bed and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. While Chandler woke up with a swollen face due to a tooth infection. Dr. Pope spent a lot of time with both dogs to determine best course of treatment and within days both dogs are feeling so much better. I shared with my sister how impressed we were with Dr. Pope and to my surprise found out that Dr. Pope (prior to moving 2-3 years ago) was my sister's favorite vet of all time!
Posted By :    Cindy/Bella Davis
Posted :    8/14/2012
Comments :    I love taking Bella to see Dr.Pope . Dr Pope,Catie,and staff are always so nice. They actually care about how your animals are doing. Every time Bella and I just go to get her heartworm pill they talk to her and pet her. They always ask how she is doing and give her a doggie treat. I can just call the office and they will ask about how Bella is doing. To me that does matter because it shows that they really do care. So a Big Thank You to Dr.Pope , Catie, and Staff.
Posted By :    Miranda Turman
Posted :    4/3/2012
Comments :    We love Dr. Pope! He is amazing! We are looking forward to working with him and having his help with caring for our new baby Maycee!
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