Darien Animal Hospital

14155 GA Hwy 251
Darien, GA 31305



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At PetLink you can register your pet's Datamars Microchip in a national database for free!  (Registration is free if the microchip was implanted here by us - otherwise, you may encounter a small fee to register your pets microchip.) 

It takes less than 5 minutes!  Click the link above to get started.  If you have misplaced your pets paperwork an/or do not know their microchip number and we placed the microchip here, call us and we can look it up in your pets record.  If we did not place the microchip here, we can scan your pet with our reader and get the number that way.

Always register your pets microchip and keep the registration current!  Doing so will allow veterinary clinics, shelters, and animal services personnel to identify your pet in the event that he or she gets lost and make sure that they get back home with you where they belong!