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 Mike Pope, DVM - Veterinarian Serving Brunswick Georgia

Mike Pope, DVM

Having lived in several states (Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, and of course Georgia), some more than once, Dr. Pope never really knows how to answer the question "Where are you from?"  Since he has lived more more than twice as long in Georgia than any other state, he now considers this his home.  By the age of 12, Dr. Pope knew he wanted to be a veterinarian.  He fulfilled that goal when he graduated from The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998.  While at Auburn, Dr. Pope met his wife, Stacey, (who is a cosmetologist in case you were wondering about the "spikey hair" - sometimes bleached - that he seems to be known for).  They have 3 children, Lacey, Ezra, and Kirsten and one grand-daughter, Kinsley.  Family pets include a German Shepherd Mutt Mix named "Tillie," a rat terrier mutt mix named "Cricket", a pit-mix named "Hunter," 4 cats - "Duma," "Sasafire," "Stripes," and "BD," 18 chickens and a salt-water aquarium.  Dr. Pope has always had a passion for motorcycles and jet-skis.  He and his family used to enjoy riding at various motocross tracks, but Dr. Pope eventually realized that when you get old and fat bones break easier!  Now you can occasionally find him (and various friends and family) off the coast of Cumberland Island jumping waves on jet-skis.